About Leg Saver® Equine Therapy

The EQUI-STIM LEG SAVER® is a holistic multi-frequency system for equine therapy used to treat most lameness and health issues that always seems to plague the athletic horse. Equi-Stim Leg Saver attacks inflammation so it can be removed.

We have been in business since 1998.  We have been improving our unique wave form and treatment protocols every year.  Our wave form pattern is Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial.  This unique low level wave form has been improved & re-engineered multiple times in the past 10 years.  We are constantly improving our protocols. The Equi-Stim Leg Saver Ting Point Electro Therapy is designed to kill all infections.

This could be the easiest and most effective method to repair and maintain your horse or horses. You could have more consistent performance from your horse.  The Equi-Stim Leg Saver Ting Point Electro Therapy DVD and Manual makes the Leg Saver® easy to operate.

We are as close as your phone (toll free at 1-800-595-7408).  With all this support available, the average horse person can use and deploy the LEG SAVER® with ease.

Take control of the cost of your horse’s health and lameness issues.



Ting points are acupoints that are located on the coronet band of the horse’s hoof.  They are the start of the meridian of that particular organ.   These act as electrical sockets that allow the Electro Therapy to enter into the horse’s body and follow the meridian to the appropriate organ.

One of the best analogy is when you treat both Liver Ting Points on the rear hooves, the current enters the Ting Point and runs along the meridian to the Liver.  The unique wave form then stimulates the Liver tissue with extra blood flow therefore flushing all of the toxins stored in the Liver.  This is very important as it cleans the entire bloodstream.

The Leg Saver® wave form therapy focuses on the Ting Points to maximize efficiency of delivery.

When an injury occurs, there is a lowering of the bio-activity at the cellular level. There is also a reduction of oxygen levels in the injured cells.  The Leg Saver®  stimulates and increases the bio-electric activity which substantially increases oxygen rich blood flow to the injured cells while moving toxins from & nutrients to the damaged cells.  This could remove inflammation without the adjunctive use of drugs or injections.

Viruses and bacterial infections apparently cannot survive in certain electrical fields.  They all have a specific biologic resonant frequency that is fatal i.e. they are destroyed by it.  Such frequencies have been incorporated in the Leg Saver technology and refined in its empirical testing

The Leg Saver® removes the dreaded INFLAMMATION from the horse’s joints which is the major cause of lameness and arthritis in horses.  If you have any heat in the joint, you have inflammation in the synovial fluids in the joint and it must be removed.  If left unchecked, this attacks and destroys the cartilage and membranes in the joint which in the end is the main cause of arthritis.  If you do not remove the inflammation, you cannot repair the injury.

We believe that the Leg Saver® Bowed Tendon Therapy will blow any other therapy out of the water. We think that it is the very best therapy available at this time, provides an amazing acceleration to recovery, and has been successfully applied by various professionals and horse trainers in the thoroughbred and standardbred industry.

Some of the most dreaded Equine issues that are responsive to and which may be eliminated completely using Leg Saver® Therapy are: tying-up, lung bleeding, muscle soreness, poor performance, cancer, equine ebola, African Horse Disease, strangles, and other viruses. Most issues could be solved in one to two days.

Organs such as lungs, kidneys, liver, spleen, heart, stomach, and large intestine must be in harmonic balance or need to be re-balanced for the horse to have any chance of performing at peak levels.  All of these organs have a direct connection to the muscles, tendons, ligaments, hooves, bones, brains & performance.

We believe that our system actually treats the source of most of the injuries or problems. There is no attempt to mask the injury with any drugs or medication in providing symptomatic relief which can sometimes cause more additional damage and other problems. Another way of looking at it is that pain is nature’s way to keep the lame horse from bearing weight on the injured limb and worsening the injury.

The LEG SAVER® could offer this amazing therapy of rehabilitating the injured or lame horse in a fast and effective treatment by stimulating the under-functioning organ or meridian that ultimately and effectively determines a maximum response to recovery.


About Gary DesRoches

Gary DesRoches is the father of the EQUI-STIM LEG SAVER. I am a Canadian horse veteran with 48 years of experience in the Thoroughbred & Standardbred industry.

Born and raised on the West Coast of Canada I have been able to be working year around in the industry. I have been involved in every aspect of the racing industry.

We have made huge strides and improvements in our Bowed Tendon Therapy.  We achieved a major improvement this past year.  We now have the finest and most successful Equine Bowed Tendon treatment in the world.


The Technology behind EQUI-STIM LEG SAVER®

The basis for this product was a fluctuating micro-current system using electro gel and rubber electrodes. With the use of the tissue stimulator with wires, electro pads and a little electro gel, I started to treat our horse and others. The results were acceptable but we need something more powerful and longer lasting.  We could only treat for ½ hour at a time and we needed up to 8 hours of treating time.  We also need a much wider range and additional frequencies.

During that initial period, I was introduced to a book titled VETERINARY ACUPUNCTURE Ancient Art to Modern Medicine. In this book a chapter written by Dr. Are Thoresen DVM of Norway on TING-ZONE THERAPY was the most enlightening article I have ever read. I have read this article over one hundred times and every time I learn something that makes my protocols even better.

Dr. Thoresen had developed the TING-ZONE THERAPY and had written several articles on this new therapy as well as a book on alternative therapies titled ALTERNATIVE & COMPLEMENTARY VETERINARY MEDICINE. Many practitioners worldwide are using this theory with a great deal of success and have endorsed his work.

I tried some treatments using a variant of this therapy and had the most remarkable results. This therapy is the key to rehabilitating the injured horse easily and quickly.

We prefer to call it TING POINT THERAPY. Leg Saver’s unique wave for & Ting Point Therapy are the two of the pillars of the foundation that makes Equi-Stim Leg Saver successful. The third are the Leg Saver’s protocols for the successful treatments developed over the past 15 years on thousands of horses by Gary DesRoches in collaboration with some of the best universities, veterinarians, horse trainers and other equine professionals. These form the basis for all our success in treating with the EQUI-STIM LEG SAVER®.

Many months were spent in researching and developing the most efficient effective therapeutic waveform for rehabilitating the injured horse with the LEG SAVER®.  The waveform has been modified and improved at least 3 times in the last 8 years.  It should be noted that one of the main attributes of our wave form is theits low intensity – stronger is not always better.

We isolated and settled on a Multi-frequency waveform that would form the foundation for the LEG SAVER®. Once we had the initial system, we then needed many months to develop the most effective protocols for the treatments by trial and error.

We now have the ultimate system for the quick rehabilitation of most of the injuries that plague the equine athlete. Most of these treatments are designed to find and treat the source of the injury and not the symptom. We have found that most of the common injuries are caused by something that is not even associated with the area of injury.

This accelerated therapeutic recovery is accomplished in most cases while the horse is still in training or exercising. In fact, the therapeutic value of the treatment is increased during light exercise and is recommended as part of the controlled protocol.


Leg Saver® History

The company was founded Apr. 22, 1998 in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.  We have been treating horses for various injuries or ailments about nine months before that.  It was at that time we realized that we had a tremendous product on our hands but needed some improvement.  We have been selling the Leg Saver since Jan. 1, 2000.

There are now hundreds of Leg Saver® units treating horses all over the world.  Since early in 1999, we have treated thousands and thousands of horses for hundreds and hundreds of owners and trainers for most injuries and ailments that exist.  Our happy and satisfied customers & therapists have self-treated thousands and thousands more.

We have a high success rate in treating injuries or ailments that are listed later in this document.  We now have a successful complement of horse therapies; and we are fully committed to always improving on and expanding our equine treatment protocols.


Leg Saver® Technical Information

The Leg Saver® power pack, neoprene wraps and lithium battery are manufactured in Canada.  Most of the other products are purchased in the USA & Canada.

Treating the injury or illness with the Leg Saver® at the cellular level using the Ting Point Electro Therapy is the reason for the amazing results we are achieving.

When treating with the Leg Saver®, you are treating all of the injuries, disease, lameness and soreness at the cellular level. We treat each and every cell in the area of the injury with our unique Multi-Frequency Current which stimulates blood flow to the area of injury therefore re-generating damaged or repairing degenerated cell

Power Source

The Leg Saver® is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery and comes with a 12 volt – 500 milliamp adapter. Forty to sixty hours of use is possible before recharging is required. There is no battery charging memory effect so it can be recharged at any time. Recommended cycle – recharge every 3 days. The transformer supplied must be used for recharging.