We are very successful at treating and repairing front leg lameness issues such as Bowed Tendons, Check ligaments, inflamed ankles/fetlocks, knees and hooves. The problems with the shoulders, bursa, whirl bone, hamstrings, sacroiliac & hunter bumps can also be attributed to inflamed or painful hocks. We have found that most horses that have any of the above lameness issues have Inflamed Hocks. The magnificent horse is so eager to please us, they will perform through pain and discomfort to best of their ability.

When the hocks are inflamed there is an infection in the synovial fluids in the hock. The horse will adjust its gait to compensate for the pain and stiffness in the hock joint. A lot of people inject the hocks for temporary relief. Whatever they inject into the hocks must travel throughout the body of the horse ie: the liver, kidneys, brain and other key organs. We have found that in human athletes there are negative complications. There is also the possibility of hock infection from the insertions of the needle. It happens more than people know. We know as we have to treat the infection which takes a long time. When a hock is infected any amount of antibiotics do not seem to help as the infection is considerable.

You should check the hocks in the morning before any exercise or turnout. If the hocks are ice cold then they are healthy. If there is any inflammation the hocks should be treated with the LEG SAVER hock treatment. This will help with proper maintenance and performance if the hocks are the problem.

Race horses, Grand Prix Jumper, Polo, and Barrel Racers will really benefit with LEG SAVER treatments.

The LEG SAVER hock treatments is simple and effective and long lasting. It will have to be repeated only if the horse is actively performing or develops inflammation in the joint.